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Smoked Salmon The Smoked Sea Food Favorite


Who doesn’t love Smoked Salmon? Even many folks that claim not to enjoy seafood devour good smoked salmon. 

Cooking fish by any method calls for close attention to detail, smoker cooking is no different. Smoking salmon is not that difucult, however chefs must remember that fish is not a very forgiving food to cook.

Your first step is finding good quality salmon. It doesn’t matter if you catch the fish, or you buy it at the market. Fresh salmon is a must.

Do you crave smoked salmon? Read on!   

Salmon Smoking Basics

To create memorable salmon it’s important to know a little about Salmon. On our Salmon Buyers Page you will learn about the different types of salmon and how to find the best fish for your next salmon smoking adventure. 

The east coast, Great Lakes, and the west coast all are home to salmon, however these days Atlantic salmon are farm bred and raised in off shore pens. 

Most common types of salmon available in North America are Chinook (or king salmon), Sockeye (or red salmon), Coho (or silver salmon), Chum (or dog salmon), and Pink (or humpback salmon).

No matter what type you choose the rule of thumb is, Fresh is Best.

Methods of Smoking Salmon

Hot Smoking

In hot smoking the salmon is slowly cooked at about 160 degrees. The smoking continues until the internal temperature of the fish reaches 160 degrees. This is where Gas Smokers and  Electric Smokers really shine. The temperature is controlled by a built in thermostat or thermometer. And they are as easy use as your gas or electric oven.     

Cold Smoking

In the Cold Smoking salmon is not really cooked, it is cured at fairly low temperature. This “old world” traditional smoking. Cold smoked can take several weeks to complete, breaks are taken in between layers of smoke. Most fish can take the better part of a week to smoke properly. Smoked salmon is no different. 

See our page,  Cold Smoking … Slow Flavor for examples of cold smokers

Salmon is usually brined or soaked in marinade before being placed in the smoker. Salmon Brine Recipesand marinading both add flavor, howver brining also cures the salmon. 

Smoked Salmon Recipes

These Smoked Salmon Recipes will get you started. Just remember, fresh fish is the most important part of smoking great salmon. 

Need a good brine? See our Salmon Brine Recipes page.

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