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Smoked Poultry Recipes


Add one of these smoked poultry recipes to your next outdoor feast. It’s always nice to include smoked poultry for your guests that prefer poultry. 

Both store bought birds and wild game birds are well suited to smoking. Smoked chicken ,duck, turkey ,pheasant, and Cornish hen are mouth watering right out of the smoker

Don’t be afraid to add a little variety and add a healthy twist next time you break out the smoker.

Smoked poultry just doesn’t mean Smoked Turkey. There are plenty of great recipes for chicken, pheasant, and wild game. Just keep in mind that smoking poultry is different than grilling or baking. It’s necessary to adjust your cooking style and learn a little about smoking foods before you start. Let’s start out with a few basic tips before we get into the recipes.

Poultry Recipes

Now the good part! Here are a few of our favorite smoke poultry recipes. Next time you fire up the smoker be sure and try one.

Poultry Smoking Tips

  • Use a Brine – Brine is simple to make and does wonders for poultry. During the bining process liquid is absorbed into the meat adding moisture and flavor. To learn more about brine see our Turkey Brine Made Easy … Step by Step Turkey page.  
  • Don’t overcook –Breast meat is done at around 170 F. Thigh meat is done around 180 F. With these differences what’s a smoker chef to do. Simple, Place foil over the breast about half way through smoking prevents overcooking.  Let the bird sit for about twenty minutes and the temperature will inch up. 
  • Get under the skin– When you using seasonings and Rub get them between the skin and the meat of the bird. This will make the most of the seasoning.
  • Fresh is Best– Avoid frozen birds, they just don’t smoke as well as a fresh bird. Try to find a poultry or high end meat shop with fresh fare.
  • More Done Indicators- When the skin is pierced clear juices run from the bird. If you see the bones sticking through the skin immediately take the temperature.   

Next time you break out the smoker consider a chicken or turkey.

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