February 9

Smoked Cheeseburgers … No More Beef Hockey Pucks


Ever eat a smoked cheeseburger?  Say good-bye to those over cooked hockey pucks your in-laws serve up off the grill. Smoked cheeseburger and hamburgers a tender, tasty, juicy and damn good.

Smoking a burger takes a little longer. But that great smoky flavor and increased health benefits are well worth it. Our smoked hamburger recipe will leave everyone asking for more.

The egg and the oats make for a very moist burger that holds together well. Because you are smoking these burgers, the smoke adds just the right flavor and there is little grease. If you are considering eating more lean and thought you would have to give up BBQ then this recipe will definitely make you happy



     ground beef with 15 to 20 percent fat

½ cup

     oat meal

1 ea


2 tbsp

     fresh minced garlic

2 tbsp

     minced onion

1 tbsp ea

     lawrys season salt & black pepper

1 tbsp

     Worcestershire sauce 

Get Cooking:

Select your favorite cheese for your burgers. Get creative, pepper jack, swiss, and other unique cheeses will really make your burgers stand out.

  1. Combine all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and knead with your hands until thoroughly mixed. This takes about a minute.
  2. Let sit covered for about an hour in the fridge to marry the flavors, fire up your smoker to 275 degrees.
  3. Form the meat into balls about the size of base ball. Shape and flatten to about ¾ inch thick and 4 inches in diameter. 
  4. Try to make the patties to the same size so they all cook evenly
  5. Put the burgers in the smoker and smoke until an internal temperature of 150 degrees is reached, place your cheese ontop the meat patties. 
  6. Continue to smoke until the internal temperature is 165 degrees F. The juices should run clear around this point. Smoking times run any where from 40 minutes to a little over an hour, give or take up to 10 minutes.

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Ground meats really soak up smoke flavor, so go with a small amount of smoking wood
  • Consider using apple or cherry wood, mild is key to a hit in this case. 
  • Don’t over mix the ingredients, other wise the burgers will get heavy and too dense.

Serving Suggestions:

Get the smoked cheese burgers into fresh rolls or burger buns right away! If you don’t plan on eating the burger immediately wrap the burger, in its bun, in paper towel.

Serve with dill spears, barbecue sauce, and your favorite burger fixins.

Ground beef is inexpensive so don’t be afraid to experiment, try jalapeno cheese, salsa, bacon, or what ever suits you.  

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