February 10

Smoked Brisket Recipes Easy and Delicious


Showcase one of these smoked brisket recipes at your next barbecue and you just may be crowned a “pit-master.”  Smoked brisket is a mouthwatering treat that folks just can’t resist. 

It was only about sixty years ago that a savy Texas barbecue master discovered the secret of slow smoking briskets. Until then most folks turned the humble brisket into burgers. 

Fortunately for us that cagey Texans discovered that the low and slow smoking process breaks down the tough connective tissue of the brisket.

Now, are you ready for an incredible taste treat? What are you waiting for? Grab one of our recipes and fire up the smoker. 

The Basics

The key to a great smoked brisket is a little up front preparation and making sure the brisket doesn’t dry out while being smoked. That involves keeping an eye on your smoking temperature and a little TLC.

And that TLC includes:

  • Finding the right brisket to smoke.

  • Keeping the brisket fresh before you smoke it.

  • Maintaining a proper smoker temperature.

  • Making sure the brisket stays moist while it is in the smoker.

Don’t worry, this site has plenty of tips and techniques available that will help you turn out outstanding briskets.   

I strongly recommend you see our page on How Smoke a Brisket … The Masters Course before you start one of the smoked brisket recipes. 

The Brisket Recipes

Here are some of the best smoked brisket recipes around. Try one of these recipes on for size at you next barbecue.

  •  Texas Smoked Brisket Recipe

Ready for that mouthwatering brisket but don’t have a smoker? See our Meat Smokers information page for tips, techniques, and basic information about meat smokers.Return to the top of Smoked Brisket Recipes … Easy and Delicious.

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