February 10

Smoked Beef Chuck Tender and Tasty


Smoked beef chuck is a real taste treat that’s easy and inexpensive to make.

Most smoker chefs have no idea how great this cut of meat comes out of the smoker.

This well marbled and dense cut of meat can be smoked to moist and tasty perfection.

But to get the most out of your beef chuck follow our simple rules.    

 Smoked Beef Chuck Basics 

Naturally high in marbled fat Beef Chuck is the perfect candidate for the smoker. All that fat breaks down during a low and slow smoking session making your smoked chuck moist, tender, and tasty. I always look for a fresh and nicely marbled five or six pound roast.

Just remember that a Beef Chuck is not usually covered in fat. So they can be dried out too much when smoked. Don’t worry, we have some moistening and seasoning tips to help you make the most of your chuck roast. 

Spice and Prep

I always use a tasty Brisket Dry Rub Recipes on every chuck roast that goes in the smoker. Once the rub is on and dry the roast gets covered in plastic wrap and goes in the fridge overnight. Because chuck has no or very little exterior fat covering I always use some protective covering over the top of the meat. My favorite are slices of thick cut bacon over the top of it.

I also use one of my Brisket Brisket Mopping Sauces and keep the roast wet when you smoke it.

Smoking a Beef Chuck

Fire up your meat smoker and get the temperature to 220F. Put in the meat and cook it about an hour per pound. After the first two hours mop it and then every 1/2 hour after that. After cooking for an hour a pound test the roast for tenderness with a fork, the fork should go in easy. 

A great way to serve smoked chuck is to slice it up and put it in a large slow cooker covered with a tasty barbecue sauce, heat on low. Serve on hard rolls and your favorite side dishes.

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