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Propane Smokers… Easy, Safe, and Clean Smoking


Using a propane smoker is as easy as using a gas grill. Simply press a button to light then adjust the smoking temperature with the turn of a knob. Those are just a couple reasons why propane smokers are quickly becoming so popular in smoker cooking.

These smokers are  extremely versatile and convenient. There is no wood soot or charcoal ash so clean up couldn’t be easier. Some bullet style propane smokers even double as a grill.

Portability is a real advantage for propane. One day you can be smoking on your patio, the next day at the cottage, and the next at the block party! There is no electrical cord or natural gas line anchoring you in one spot. Just grab your smoker and propane then go.

  Propane gas is a clean burning and highly efficient fuel source that is fairly inexpensive. The hazards of hot ash and embers are completely eliminated. Propane produces a small and stable cooking flame. These are all great points to remember if fire hazard is a concern. Let’s see if a propane smoker is right for you.

Vertical Style Smokers

     Pictured here is a round vertical smoker by Brinkman, note the gas line. Vertical Gas smokers are often called a bullet smokers. They are very similar to vertical electric and charcoal water smokers. The lower section of the gas smoker houses a gas burner. Directly above the burner is a wood chip box where you can place you favorite smoking wood chips. this is where the smoke and flavor is introduced into the smoke chamber. 

A water pan sits above the chip box, the pan can be used to add moisture and flavor to the meat. See our Vertical Water Smokers page for more information. 

   Brinkmann produces a line of Smoke’ n Grill models that are well under $180.00. Capable of both grilling and smoking this is a great way to test the waters of propane smoker cooking. It comes with every thing you need to start, except the propane bottle. The burner is rated at 18,000 btu which sounds a little high, but not unreasonable. Capacity is self billed at 50lbs, I would plan on knocking off at least 10 -15 pounds to guarantee proper air circulation and flavor. All in all it’s a nice smoker for the price.  

New Kid on the Block

New to the market is the Bradley Propane Smoker . This slick little unit is powered by a 1lb propane bottle and is perfect for camping and tailgating. Check out the facts on this fun little smoker that does a big job.  

Box and Cabinet Smokers

 Newer to the market are propane gas Cabinet or Box smokers. This style of smoker  offers you a lot more smoking capacity and very easy access to the smoking chamber. In fact nearly the entire front smoker consists of a hinged, sometimes insulated, door. This is how you access the smoking chamber.

 The one I see a lot are the Smoky Mountain models by the Great Outdoor Grill Company. I seems like the useful smoking area is increased due to it’s box design. I see several folks on the net asking about reviews for the product but have yet to see one review. I also could not locate the company website, so the jury is still out on that model.   

 At less than $150.00 I am sure it is only a matter of time before reviews get out on this style of propane smoker. When they do we will keep you advised.

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