March 13

Polder Remote Thermometer … In the Barbecue or Oven


Polder remote thermometers are arguably the best digital remote thermometers around. Mostly because they were pioneers in remote thermometer technology. For many years smoker chefs have been using, and abusing Polder products in their smokers.

Polder remote thermometers come in a variety of styles. From pre-programmed to dual probe digital meat thermometers you will find a model right for your application. 

Polder 362-90 Remote Thermometer 
The Original Remote Thermometer

This is the one that started it all. The Polder 362-90 was one of the first, and some say still the best digital thermometers. The 362-90 is a straight forward and basic remote cooking thermometer. The display unit has a handy “fold down” feature that not only makes it easy to store but protects the screen when not in use. 

The stainless steel probe attaches to the remote display. This Polder thermometer has a temperature range of  32 to 392 degrees, so it’ is definitely usable in smoker cooking applications. The built in timer can be used while you use the temperature alarm.  A memory function allows you to save settings for your favorite recipes. The timer features an alarm function to let you know when the timer is almost done. 

If you are looking for a Polder Remote Thermometer with all the basic functions a smoker chef needs you may need to look no further than the Polder 362-90.  

Polder 307 Preprogrammed Remote Thermometer

Polder 307Imagine having perfectly done meat from the smoker each and every time.

The Polder 307 features preprogrammed temperature settings for beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and veal. Within each meat category choose between rare, medium, or well.

The 307 boasts an array of handy features. Choose between silent or audible operation. Now you can finally accomplish all those last minute food smoking tasks by letting the “done” alarm alert you five minutes before that brisket is done. A power switch lets you conserve battery power. 

Polder 601-90 Remote Thermometer

The Polder 601-90 offers a few nice features over it’s entry level 362. The lower temperature reading range is extended down to 14 degrees F, top end is still 392. The 601 allows you to read temperature in Celsius readings as well, the range is  -10 to 200 degrees C.

Perhaps the nicest feature is the nice and large display that makes reading temperature easier. Like all good digital thermometers the 601 has a magnetic back. Also featured is a “done temperature alarm” and a timer / clock function.

For those looking for a good digital remote thermometer with a few bells and whistles added on the Polder 601-90 is worth considering. 

Polder Dual Probe Remote Thermometer

Polder Dual Probe ThermometerDual probe remote thermometers are a smoker chef’s dream, and the Polder is a dandy. Through the use of dual sensing technology this model allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your food and the smoker simultaneously.

This is made possible by having one sensor in the tip of the probe, which measures food temperature. The second sensor is near the probe handle, which measures the temperature of the air surrounding your food. Talk about the best of both worlds. This feature precisely lets you know what’s going on in the smoker. Now it’s easy to measure cause and effect. In other words it’s easy to see just how much of a heat increase your smoker and your food experiences when you add a little fuel, close vents, or change smoking woods.  

The Polder 894’s temperature range is 32 to 572 degrees F. The timer can be set to 10 hours. It also features a handy USDA cooking chart which outlines safe cooking temperatures for commonly smoked foods. The large read out displays both food and smoker temperature simultaneously.

Really want to know what’s going on in your smoker? Or do you love adjusting and tweaking smoking conditions to make every recipe your “signature specialty?” If so this is the remote thermometer for you. 

When used properly Polder Remote thermometers can improve your food smoking results by giving you accurate and real time temperature information inside your smoker. 


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