February 10

Meat Smoking Tips … Become a Pit Master


These meatsmoking tips, information, and tutorials will make you a better smoker chef!

These pages really break it down to the basic but important tips and tricks you need to know. 

Meat Smoking Tips and Tricks

Woods for Smoking – Different smoker woods each have their “signature” flavor. Learn about oak, apple, hickory and more right here. 

Meat Tenderizing Methods – Learn all about meat tenderizing. See the difference between enzymes, pounding, and marinating to name a few.

Recipe Log – Document the good, the bad, and the ugly of each cook out to remember what works for you, and what doesn’t.

How to make Smoked Turkey – Smoking a turkey is a must have skill for every pit master.

How Smoke a Brisket – You must try this! One of my favorite feasts.

Cold Weather Smoking – Just because you live in the north woods doesn’t mean you have to pack up the smoker in the winter.

Meat Smoker Maintenance – A little preventive maintenance and minor repairs will add many years to the life of your smoker.

Meat Selection – A good smoked food feast starts with great meat. Learn how to select the best meat.  

Where to measure temperature –  Temperature control is critical for successful meat smoking. Here are a few tips on measuring temperature.

I hope these tips help you out in your meat smoking adventures. 

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