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Electric Smokers


An electric smoker is the perfect choice for aspiring smoker chefs. Combine  simple operation with the safety of a modern electric appliance and you get a winning combination. Simply select your favorite smoking chips, add meat, set the temperature, and let the smoker do its job. 

Most electric meat smokers can be properly set up and used in a matter of minutes.

Despite it’s basic operation electric smokers are often the prime choice for very experienced smoker chefs also, especially those  pressed for time or living in an urban area. Why? For the same reasons beginners love them.  

Electric Smoker Cliff Notes

A heating element warms the air that heats the pit.  Wood chips or chunks are placed on or near the heating element. The wood slowly burns producing the smoke flavor in the meat.  The most common electrical pit is the water bullet type smokers. Spend the money on a unit that comes with an adjustable heating element. The Char-Broil Electric Water Smoker comes with one. 

Vertical smokers are also known as vertical water smokers. The water pan acts as a buffer between the heat source and the meat. It also serves as a heat sink evening out temperature spikes. To move up in the world of sealed smokers check out Cookshack smokers, premium  electric sealed smokers that use wood chips for the smoke flavor.


One of the most popular electric smokers on the market today is the Bradley Electric Smoker . New models have digital timing, smoke, and temperature controls for the ultimate in smoking accuracy. 

Choose from six or four rack models. Finish is in either stainless steel or black poweder coat epoxy. See why everyone is talking about these smokers. 

Another great electric smoker is the Cookshack Smoker, if you can’t do it with smoker it can’t be done.

Bullets and Sealed Smokers

Okay, you decided an electric smoker is right for you.  But did you know there are two styles? Those are the sealed smokers and bullet /vertical smokers. What is the difference?’ A sealed smoker is the more professional style constructed with thick walls and good insulation. Bullet smokers are a bit thinner, however they are very economical.

A few points to consider:

  • A Sealed Smokers higher insulation properties allow for exact control and evenness in temperature.

  • Electric bullet smokers are affordable and are not difficult to master.

  • Bullet Smokers cost about $125.00 to $250.00
  • Sealed Smokers cost from $250.00 to $8000.00 (professional / commercial smoker)

 Bullet Electric Smoker                                                   Sealed Electric Smoker 


A Few Suggestions

There are many brands of electric smokers on the market. The key to find the best electric smoker for you is  ballancing your budget against features. Lets start off with a review of a few popular smokers.

Brinkman Smoker … Form Budget to Professional-  This water smoker will run you around $75.00. We prefer a model with an adjustable heat control, however it’s hard to beat the good value a Brinkmann offers. The key is monitoring the water pan to make sure it does not get to hot. Also keep in mind that without a heat controll you will probably use more electricity, so your cost savings may not be as big as you think.  

Luhr Jensen Smokers – Luhr Jensen Big Chief electric box smokers are simple and fun to use. We have one and find it great for smaller jobs like fish, venison jerky, and sausage. Large pieces of meat don’t do as well, you may find the need to “finish it off” in your oven. This is due to the preset temperature staying well under 200 degrees. Their Big Chief has a fifty pound capacity and Little Chief takes 25 pounds. Expect to pay about $75.00. 

Bradley Electric Smoker … Clean and Safe Smoking
– Versatile and can be used for cool smoking or hot smoking it also doubles as a roaster oven. Initial heat and smoke are produced by a patented “smoke generator.” Inside the smoker a seperate heating element will let you smoke at up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. A nice unit, our only con is that Bradley wood briquettes are required in the smoke generator.

Cookshack Smoker … High Quality Great Taste-  Very nice sealed home smokers with adjustable temperatures, from 100 to 250 degrees. For the extra money you get a very efficient unit that uses minimal electricity and wood. Cookshack also features a line of commercial smokers. 


Those are the Basics! The rest is up to you. Good luck on your electric smoker search.

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