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Easy Gas Smokers … Natural Gas & Propane


When you need convenience, ease of use, and afford ability gas smokers are a great choice. By using clean burning gas there is a built in safety factor and clean up is simple. Even a novice smoker chef can learn how to set up and use these types of smokers quickly.

Other added bonuses include compact size, readily available fuel, and maintaining a proper smoking temperature couldn’t be easier. A gas smoker is a perfect pick for first time and experienced smoker cooks alike. In no time at all you will be turning out great smoked treats. 

Natural Gas or Propane

You can find Gas Smokers that burn either propane or natural gas. Each type of gas has it’s own advantages, for most it comes down to personal preference. Propane has roughly twice the energy potential of natural gas. Each smoker is equipped with regulators designed to work specifically with the type of gas you select. 

Propane Smokers

Propane Smokers offer the ultimate in convenience and portability. Best of all they start at about one hundred dollars for an entry level model.  We love being able to move our propane smoker form patio, to cabin, to block party. A standard twenty pound propane tank will last a good long time, it really depends on how hot you are smoking. Just remember to keep an eye on the gas level. 

Natural Gas Smokers

 Are an attractive option for those who don’t need portability. It’s as easy as hooking up your home’ s natural gas, no worries about running out of fuel. Natural gas smokers are heavily favored by those creating inspiring outdoor kitchens with permanent mounted grills and smokers.

Most gas smokers light at the touch of a button, just like a gas grill. Simply turn the knob to the manufactures recommend setting, hit the button and adjust the flame to the desired level. Most models have an adjustable knob so you can carefully and accurately maintain the perfect smoking temperature. If you can use a gas stove you can use a gas smoker

These smokers utilize a chip pan placed directly over the burner where your smoking wood  goes. The first few times you smoke follow the manufacturers instructions closely. With some experience under your belt feel free to experiment a little. Basic wood rules are the same in almost all smokers of this type. Soak the chips in water for about an hour before using,  this keeps them from heating too quickly. Don’t overload the chip pan, your food will just taste too smoky and you will waste your chips.  gas, make smoking easy. These food smokers are a pleasure to use.

Gas Smokers are one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet in food smoking. By combining ease of use, low cost, and safety a gas smoker is hard to beat. Read our pages on Propane and Natural gas smokers for more information.

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