February 10

Digital Thermometers For Accurate Cooking


There are a wide variety of digital meat thermometers available to today’s smoker chefs.

Digital themometers are easy to use, simple to read, and reliable.

These thermometers were at one time very expensive and considered a luxury.

Today digital meat thermometers are affordable and accessible to every skill level of pit master.

Types of Digital Thermometers

 Several types of Digital Thermeters are available to smoker chefs. Each style has an intended use, or practical purpose. Most people who enjoy smoking food, barbecuing, and grilling eventually come to the conclusion that it’s best to have two or more types of digital thermometers. Pictured at left is a Taylor Digital Instant Read Thermometer.

There are two basic types of digital meat thermometers

  • Remote Digital Thermometers
    Remote Meat Thermometer  have a temperature sensing probe connected by wires to a remote read out unit. Remote meat thermometers can measure the temperature of meat being cooked or the cook chamber. The most convenient digital remotes come with a wireless paging unit that pages you when your meat smoker needs attention.
  • Instant Read Digital Thermometers
     Are handy and quick to use. As the name suggests these cooking thermometers take the food temperature very quickly. That’s important because of the heat loss in your meat smoker every time you open it. During Cold Weather Smoking these models offer a real advantage.

Both types of digital thermometer can be used in the smoker, the oven, and on the grill. So your investment is truly “multi-purpose.” One of the handiest functions of a good digital thermometer is checking the calibration of your smoker or oven built in thermometer.

If your smoker has a basic temperature control or an innaccurate built thermometer simply use remote digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the cooking chamber. So if the temperate control is set to “medium” you will know exactly what that tempurature is.

The Best Digital Thermometers

There are a wide variety of digital thermometers available to the smoker chefs. Here are links to our pages about the best digital thermometers.

Digital thermometers are built to withstand heat and regular use. However, like any precision instrument use it, but don’t abuse it. I have heard many complaints from folks about digital thermometers. I think it has more to do with how people use them than the construction. Here are a few tips about using digital meat thermometers.

-Make sure and clean the probe when finished, don’t leave crud on it.-When cleaning the probe avoid submerging the part of the probe where the wires connect.-If the probe wires are long set the reading base off of the smoker.-Inspect the whole unit regularly for cracks, melted areas, loose wires, a bent probe.-Buy good batteries-If your thermometer does not work properly right out of the box, return it at once.   

-Read the instructions prior to use. 

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