March 13

Bradley Propane Smoker Clean and Easy Smoking


The new Bradley Propane Smoker is about the coolest smoker I have seen in a long time.

Completely portable this little meat smoker is perfect for camping, tailgating, and areas that are a little confined.

Portable is the operative word here. Complete with carrying case this Bradley smoker weighs in at over just 23 pounds and features a collapsible smoker chamber.

It even features a plug in car adapter for smoking at remote locations.

After a look at this slick little unit I know it’s destined to become a fixture at deer camp.

Powering the Bradley Propane Smoker  

Bradley Propane SmokerThis is truely a portable smoker. The smoke generator automatically feeds Bradley flavored wood Bisquettes. It is powered by four AA batteries so there is no need to worry about a wall outlet or generator. For tailgating and camping there is an included ten foot car adaptor cable. 

A 1 lb standard propane bottle is used to fuel the unit. I don’t see why a 20lb bottle adapter would be a problem. Temperature range is outstanding for such a small unit. Temperature can be adjusted from just about room temperature to 250 degrees F. So now you can prepare all your favorite smoked foods away from home.  

 Construction of the Bradley Propane Smoker

Construction is wisely thought out. The smoker chamber is collapsible and is made up of a metal frame, a sturdy base, and four racks. A drip tray and bowl are also included. 

The smoke chamber cover foldable plastic that just slips on over the racks and frame. The seal provided by the cover effectively holds in the smoke but is still pretty easy to remove when your meat is done. The smoke generator slips into an access hole in the cover. Three of the disposable covers are provided. Reports indicate that if you take care of the cover it will last for about a half dozen smokes. 

The smoke chamber provides 2288 cubic inches of room, pretty good for a portable unit. So it’s possible to put out a nice variety of food from each smoke. 

Using the Portable Bradley Smoker 

The smoker comes in a nice protective carrying case with extra room for propane and supplies. Set up is straightforward and quick. Simply hook up your propane and turn it on. Ignition is accomplished by a push button spark lighter. 

Bisquettes are manually loaded into the slide, however they are loaded into the burner automatically about ever 25 minutes after that. There is a manual feed option to advance a Bisquettes when ever you want. It’s possible to load up several hours of smoke bisquettes at one time. 

Smoking with the Bradley Portable Propane

Okay, this is a nice little unit, but can it smoke worth a darn? You Bet! In fact this little smoker can outperform models costing twice the price in certain areas. Why? Because it can effectively maintain ambient temperature. That’s the only way you can truely Cold Smoke Flavor foods. 

Bradley lists the maximum temperature at 250 Deg. F. Since most hot smoking occurs around 225 deg F. you can smoke anything in this unit as long as it reasonably fits inside. 

Don’t let the small appearance fool you. Do the math and you see this bantam weight will handle at least a couple full slabs of Succulent Baby Back Ribs  no problem. A few whole chickens should fit in with room to spare. So I know I can feed a half dozen guys at camp with one smoke. In fact there will be no more feeling guilty about starting up the Weber Smoky Mountain when all you want is a smoked meatloaf.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Bradley Propane Smoker is the “Fun Factor.” It will be great to experiment with and try big recipes on a smaller scale. I know once I get mine the kids will be eager to try it out, under supervision of course.

If you are looking for an all around smoker that will produce reasonable amounts  of great smoked food this smoker is worth a look.


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