February 9

Barbeque Smoker Trailers For Parties or Business


Barbeque Smoker Trailers used to be exclusively used by the pros and by caterers. Today anyone that makes a lot of barbecue, or wants to get into the BBQ business, may want to take a look at a trailer mounted smoker. 

With the arrival of good quality and affordable smaller BBQ Smoker Trailers many backyard pitmasters are taking another look at units that were once considered a commercial smoker. It’s not uncommon to see the modern barbeque trailers showing up at parties, tailgate get togathers, and even in backyards.  

Todays purpose built smoker grill trailers are compact, easy to move, and designed ground up to be a stand alone unit. Even the more inexpensive models come with lots of bells and whistles like rotisseries, multiple racks, and food prep areas. A mid size sedan with a ball hitch will easily tow a smaller barbeque trailer.  So think of it as a portable Pit Smoker


Depending on what you need expect to pay around $2000.00 and up for a nice smaller unit. Pictured here is a Lang 48, which will cost less thatn $2000 and hold about 80 pounds of meat. 

From there the BBQ trailers get bigger and more expensive, then you move into pro or caterer territory. Some of those Barbeque Smoker Trailers run upwards of $10,000

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